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About Pocket Card Wallet

What makes Pocket Card Wallet different?
Unlike other apps, Pocket Card Wallet is cloud based. No need to transfer cards across devices, no need to worry about upgrades. Your cards follow you.

Pocket Card Wallet also lets you choose the barcode, meaning you have the control and your cards are more likely to work.
I only want to use it for one card. Is it really free?
Yep, totally free for one card. After that, you can upgrade only for what you need.
Do you work with the companies that have the cards?
At the moment, we're independent of and not associated with any third parties.
What type of cards can I store?
You can store anything you like, of course, having a barcode helps. We recommend only storing cards that don't have financial values assigned against them. For example, Apple Pay go to a lot of trouble to architect payment systems and security which can directly handle payment cards. Pocket Card Wallet is designed for things like loyalty cards, library cards etc.

How it works

How should I know what type of barcode my card
barcode images unavailable
Unlike other apps which guess the code, we give you the control, meaning fewer mistakes and more working cards.

Firstly, the app will try to guess your card type when you create it. This should help, but it isn't fool proof.

If you don't think we got the card type right, check out our list of cards. Here, we've done our best to identify the card types. Card types can differ by country though. For those with the app, this list is available natively from the menu options.

If your card isn't on the list, check out this available guide.

Finally, feel free to ask us. We'll do our best to find out.
Ok, my card's in the app. Will it work in the shop?
We certainly hope so. However, not always. For example, not all stores are capable of reading screen devices while some vendors insist you have the physical card.
I want to add another card, but the app says I've run out.
You can upgrade here. Increase your card limit by 1, 10 or 40.
Can the app read the barcode from a picture?
No, by we're keen to add this if people want it. Let us know what you think.

The app lets you take a picture of your card to keep with you for future reference. Image recognition is on our to do list.
I've upgraded my phone, do I need to re-enter my cards?
No. Unlike other apps which are native only, Pocket Card Wallet is cloud based. You're cards stay with you across devices.

We structure costs around the number of cards, so that you only pay for what you use. You can then use the cards across devices and apps.

Your first card is free.
Can I use my cards offline?
Sure, just download the card from the app.
Can I share my account?
Sure, as long as you trust the person you're sharing it with. One of the advantages of Pocket Card Wallet is that, as it's cloud based, you can share cards.

Remember though, you need to trust the people you share it with, and you can only share either the account, or send individual cards.

You take full responsibility for your information and who you share it with.


Is Pocket Card Wallet available on Android?.
We're working on it. In the meantime, our site is fully responsive and just as fully featured.
Is Pocket Card Wallet available on IOS?
Not yet, but we'd like to get there. Let us know if you use IOS and want to use Pocket Card Wallet natively.

In the meantime, our site is fully responsive and just as fully featured.
What if I'm not online?
You can download the cards to your device while online and then take them with you when you're offline.
Is uptime guaranteed?
No, but of course, we do our best. We've only had minimal downtime over the last couple of years.

We may take the site down for maintenance or improvements. We may also take it down in the future for business or financial reasons, of course. We'd recommend you download your most commonly used cards. You're entitled to request the data which we hold for you. Contact us.


I went to the shop and my card didn't work.
Firstly, check that the bar code numbers are correct and that the barcode type is correct. It's also worth checking that you scanned the device slowly enough, closely enough and at the correct angle.

Assuming they both are, not every device is capable of reading cards from mobile devices.

Please do Contact us to tell us about your experiences.
I want to add another card, but the app says I've run out.
You can upgrade here. Increase your card limit by 1, 10 or 40.
I want X and it isn't available.
In no particular order, our high priory items are:

  1. https for added security
  2. An Android app
  3. More card types in the list
  4. Save email checkbox on the login page
  5. OCR recognition of barcode

If there's something you want which isn't on this list, please tweet us @wotiso or chat to us online on our site,

A lot of requests are easier to add than you might think. We're keen to keep improving so would love to hear your thoughts.
How should I know what my card or ticket type is?
There are some rules of thumb, such as products being ISBN's, QR codes being square etc.
Here are some examples:
  • Starbucks - Code39 / QR Code
  • Tesco - Code 128/EAN-128
  • Sainsburys - Code 128/EAN-128
  • Safeway - UPC-A
  • Petsmart - Code 128/EAN-128
  • Fly Buys - EAN-13
  • Morrisons - Code 128/EAN-128
Please do Contact us if there's a card you're not sure about.


I'm worried about security.
Ultimately, you are responsible for what you put online and we can't take responsibility. However, we do take the following security measures:
  1. Hash out passwords
  2. Only limited staff have access to the server
  3. Databases are backed up onto secure servers which are only switched on when needed

In addition, we're looking into https, but haven't yet secured this. If you have any questions or concerns, please Contact us to tell us about your experiences.
What data do you hold about me?
We hold the account information, which we use for managing your account and data. We also hold the card data, as you put in it. These are held on our web server.

Your password is hashed. All images on the server are attributed with your username and ID so that they can be associated back to you.
Will you use my data for marketing purposes?
We have no plans to, but possibly. If you don't want us to, please Contact us.

We will never sell or give your data to third parties for them to market to you.
Can I have a copy of my data?
Of course, please Contact us. A small admin service charge may be applicable